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  • Joseph Blue, MAC

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    Joseph Blue, MAC, NCC

    Hi, my name is Joseph Blue. As a clinician at New Beginnings Counseling & Consulting LLC, I hold a master’s in mental health counseling from Northwestern University. You are not alone and choosing to seek counseling is not a sign of weakness. Nobody is immune to the trials and tribulations of life as circumstances happen to us all. Admitting you need help is not easy. It takes courage and strength to be vulnerable and seek help. Whether you are the strong individual who feels pressured to hold it all together, the individual who feels as if everything is spiraling out of control, or the individual struggling to move on from your past, I am here for you.

    I believe strongly in fostering a relationship that empowers my clients to overcome any obstacles they may be encountering. My goal is to form a therapeutic partnership with you in which we will journey together and work collaboratively towards goals that will help you move forward in a positive and effective manner. Ultimately, I want to work with you as you grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    Primary Issues:

    ·      Self-Esteem

    ·      Stress

    ·      Anxiety

    ·      Depression