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  • Terrance Wingate, MA, NCC

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    Terrance Wingate, MA, NCC

    Greetings, I’m Terrance.

    I’m a master’s level clinician with experience conducting psychotherapy in residential treatment settings and school programs for at-risk youth, as well as, a bereavement center. As I work with clients, I take into account the multifaceted identities we share, while also recognizing our differences. I believe that therapy can provide meaning and purpose and nurture one’s sense of connection. I view each client as a unique and complex individual, and I tailor my approach to his or her cultural context to understand how family, social, and external factors influence experience and perception of self.

    In a supportive environment, where intersectionality is embraced, clients can feel free to express vulnerability. Everyone needs support from time to time. I am here to provide you with a non-judgmental, grounded space to discuss your goals and offer feedback and observations as you move forward in life.

    I strive for a therapeutic relationship that promotes autonomy and supports self-efficacy while offering a safe space for personal exploration and resolution of ambivalence. I am here to help you navigate through trials and tribulations wherever you are on your wellness journey. I hope we can work together soon!